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July 27, 2021

Raleigh Embezzlement Lawyer

Accused of embezzlement? That can impact your career, your family, and your future. Luckily, your Raleigh embezzlement attorney will help you face the charges and fight to have them reduced or dismissed.

You may have recently left your job, or you were fired, only to find your employer has accused you of stealing from the company. That accusation can hurt your career, your finances, and your future. 

You don’t have to accept those charges. Your lawyer at The Chetson Firm will help you protect your reputation by building a robust legal defense to avoid conviction. Reach out to a Raleigh embezzlement lawyer when you need representation

Penalties for Embezzlement 

When you’re accused of embezzlement, you may be facing more than a fine. Depending on the amount you’re accused of taking, you could face either a Class H felony, or a Class C felony. In both cases, you can face prison time, which means years away from your family, your job, and your life. 

But it’s not just about the initial impact of a conviction. Even after you’ve served time for an embezzlement conviction, you may still face penalties because of your criminal record. For example, your criminal record may impact your employment and housing opportunities. Potential employers and landlords will see the charges in a background check which will diminish your opportunities. 

Because the penalties can be severe, you may need to seek out an embezzlement lawyer in Raleigh. They will update you on the specific details of your case and what you can expect as the case moves through each court proceeding. 

How a Raleigh Embezzlement Attorney Can Help

When you’re accused of embezzlement, you need a lawyer’s help to prepare your defense prior to court dates and hearings. But you may be concerned about how an embezzlement lawyer can help, especially after you’ve been accused of such a serious crime. 

Our lawyers have more than a decade of experience, and in the decade, we’ve seen more trial cases than some lawyers would see in a lifetime. We’ve even taken on embezzlement cases where the amount in question totaled more than $2 million. Seek an embezzlement lawyer with this kind of true grit and respect earned from years of experience to know your case is in good hands. 

Connect with an Embezzlement Lawyer in Raleigh

If you’ve been accused of stealing from an employer, you may be feeling overwhelmed and worried about your future. Embezzlement charges are serious, leading even to felony charges. Because of this, you don’t need to take any chances with your case. 

You can instead focus on avoiding a conviction with a Raleigh embezzlement lawyer. At The Chetson Firm, we’re here to help you face these charges and represent your interests every step of the way. When you’re ready to speak with a lawyer, start with a free consultation. Call or text 919-352-9411 or fill out the online contact form below. 



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