In these tough economic times, embezzlement has become a crime more frequently prosecuted by either the state or federal prosecutors in North Carolina.

That’s because either employees have been taking money from employers to make ends meet, or employers are accusing innocent employees because employers want to stop “shrinkage” or the loss of money or merchandise that is not the employees’ fault.

Each embezzlement case is unique. Whether you are facing an embezzlement charge in Wake County, or in the Eastern District of North Carolina (federal court), you need a lawyer who knows how to work in both the state and federal courts.

North Carolina’s criminal code describes the crime of embezzlement, which is a form of theft.

Embezzlement may be:

* property received by virtue of office or employment
* state property by public officers and employees
* funds by public officers and trustees
* by an officer of a railroad company
* or by a surviving partner of a business partnership
* or may be defined under Federal Embezzlement Laws

The U.S. Code, Title 18 lists the many provisions of federal embezzlement lawsystem.

Under state law, embezzlement may be either a Class H felony (which is a fairly low level felony) or, if above $100,000 in value, a Class C felony (which is a fairly serious felony).

A Wake County district attorney or federal United States Attorney must prove that the defendant – you – had the intent at the time of the incident to embezzle or that you knowingly and willfully converted money (or any other kind of property) to your own use

Damon Chetson has experience in both state and federal courts. He has represented people accused of everything from drunk driving and driving while impaired, to people accused of drug trafficking and rape. He has also resolved many embezzlement cases before they reach the charging and arrest stage by negotiation resolutions with employers to avoid arrest.

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