What should you look for in a Raleigh DWI Lawyer? A lawyer who is committed to defending you as vigorously possible, using whatever ethical tools available to him or her, and willing to fight as long as it takes to achieve you the results you deserve.

The problem with attorneys these days is that any new graduate from law school can set up a website and pretend to be a DWI lawyer. But it takes time to build the skill set, and natural intuition about how best to present a case, in order to become a well-regarded and effective DWI lawyer. With many hundreds of cases under our belts, with a history over the long run of winning DWI after DWI, we have developed a reputation as skilled and effective defense lawyers.

I have also taken many of the same training courses as the officers who investigate my clients. Having done that, I know the flaws in their techniques, and how to challenge them when they make mistakes or violate protocol.

I also recognize that since the system in Wake County is not going to give you a break, I’m not going to give the system a break. Every DWI is for trial: in the past four months, I have not pled a single DWI guilty without a hearing. And since August 2017, I am 13 for 15 in DWI victories.

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