The Raleigh News & Observer is running a series this week on the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation (SBI). This is the agency in NC chiefly responsible for providing scientific support to local law enforcement agencies. The SBI conducts blood analysis, blood spatter analysis, fingerprint analysis and other kinds of scientific tests.

The problem is, as the N&O has observe, at least some of that work has been shoddy, and the chief blood pattern expert has, according to the News and Observer, conducted unscientific tests to support prosecution theories.

Deaver is a major character in the emerging story of the SBI’s troubles. His withholding of evidence contributed to three judges in February declaring Greg Taylor innocent of a 1991 murder and freeing him from life in prison. Attorney General Roy Cooper then ordered an audit of the blood analysis unit.

At the bureau’s crime labs, where Deaver has been a key agent and trainer, analysts charged with using science to solve crimes have hidden test results or concocted bizarre experiments to shore up a prosecutor’s case, a News and Observer investigation reveals.

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