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July 27, 2021

What Happens if You Violate Pretrial Release?

What Happens If You Violate Pretrial Release

When you’re accused of a crime, you may have been granted a pretrial release while you await trial. The problem is, you may be afraid of violating your pretrial release if you’re not careful. What laws do you need to be aware of during this precarious time?

If you have questions about your pretrial release, don’t hesitate to talk to the lawyers at The Chetson Firm. You need answers for your case, and we’re here for you.

What Is Pretrial Release?

When you’re arrested for a crime, you may be held at the jail until you’re booked. The booking process may involve recording your information, fingerprints, and other information about your arrest into digital records. 

Once this is done, your bond may be set. This may not be available for everyone—certain charges or those who may be at risk to flee and not appear in court may be held without bail.

If your bail is set, you may be eligible for a pretrial release. If you pay your bail, you may not have to stay in jail until your trial. That means you may work on your case’s defense in comfort, not from a jail cell. But if you violate your pretrial release agreement, you may be arrested and placed in a cell again.

Violation of Your Pretrial Release

What counts as violating your pretrial release? The most important step is showing up to your court date. If you’re not present, you may face a bench warrant, a warrant passed down by the judge, and penalties for failing to appear in court, as well as the criminal charges.

In other cases, you may have agreed to other specific conditions for your release. That may include staying away from the victims of the crime or receiving treatment for drug abuse. If you break this agreement, you may be returned to a cell, where you’ll wait for your trial.

Protecting Your Future

If you’re struggling to meet the conditions of your pretrial release agreement, or if you’re not sure whether you’re taking the right steps to protect your future, a Raleigh defense attorney can help you prepare for your case. They can review the agreement with you, ensuring you know what to do and how to avoid these harsh penalties.

During that time, your defense lawyer can also help you prepare a defense that protects your future and helps you get those charges dismissed or dropped. Your lawyer can represent you in court, offering a professional perspective and taking pressure of your case off your shoulders.

Talk to a Defense Lawyer about Your Claim

When you’re accused of a crime, being out of jail can help you prepare for your trial. But one wrong move can leave you in jail and struggling to defend your case. Luckily, the right lawyer can make a difference.

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