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July 27, 2021

Raleigh Bribery Lawyer

Have you been accused of bribing another person or group in Raleigh? You may have grounds for a legal defense. Protect your future and your finances by reaching out to a bribery lawyer in Raleigh.

When you’re accused or arrested for a white collar crime like bribery, you may not consider how serious the charges are. You didn’t commit a violent crime, but the penalties if convicted will still impact your life for years to come. Because of this, acting now may be necessary to protect your future. 

The lawyers at The Chetson Firm understand this, and we’re here to produce a favorable outcome for your case. If you’ve been accused of this white collar crime, reach out to a Raleigh bribery lawyer for help fighting back against these charges. 

What Is Bribery in North Carolina? 

Bribery charges may not sound as serious as other crimes, but these charges can still impact you. Bribery is the use of gifts, money, or other valuable assets to get a certain wanted outcome. Let’s say you work for a large Raleigh company, and you need to strike a deal with another company. Offering them a large financial gift to make the decision you want is considered bribery, even if they do not accept.

But bribery isn’t always between businesses. You may have been accused of bribery if you offered gifts to a public official or a juror to get a wanted outcome. Even if the bribe isn’t accepted, you can still face penalties for offering it in the first place. 

Bribery charges can also be charged on either the federal or state level, depending on the details of the crime. If you’re not sure what level your case will be tried on or how to deal with your case, you can reach out to a bribery lawyer in Raleigh for help. 

Penalties for a Raleigh Bribery Conviction

A white collar crime may not seem as serious because you didn’t commit a violent crime, but the punishment may still be severe. Bribery convictions may lead to a Class F felony on your criminal record, for example. You may face a maximum of 59 months, or nearly five years, in prison. You may also face thousands of dollars in penalties, and sanctions for companies committing bribery. 

But it’s not just about the immediate penalties you could face. Your criminal record can also impact your future in many ways. Those with a criminal record may have a difficult time getting education, housing, and job opportunities. That makes returning to normal more difficult. Luckily, your Raleigh bribery attorney can represent you in the courtroom, helping you protect your future. 

Talk to a Raleigh Bribery Attorney

When you’re accused of bribery, you need a strong legal defense to avoid the harsh penalties that come with a conviction. Luckily, that’s where the lawyers at The Chetson Firm can help you succeed. Reach out to a lawyer to speak about your case. Call or text 919-352-9411, or fill out the online contact form below to seek out a free consultation for your case. 



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