We Accept Bitcoin

Within a few weeks, we will be able to accept Bitcoin and potentially other crypto-currencies legally and securely. We have begun the application process with a company that permits individuals, institutions, and businesses to accept and pay in Bitcoin and that complies with federal law and IRS regulations.

Bitcoin has been around since 2009 following the release of a paper by Satoshi Nakamoto. While initially it operated in relative obscurity, trading for pennies and dollars, today, a single Bitcoin is worth more than $9,000. This is not an advertisement to invest in Bitcoin. It is highly volatile. But given the inflationary pressures in the United States and elsewhere, Bitcoin may become a standard means of exchange by permitting people across national boundaries to trade efficiently and electronically.

Of course, Bitcoin could be eclipsed by something else, in which case it could suffer a catastrophic crash.

If wish to hire us and pay by Bitcoin, let us know and we can help.