The names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Prosecutor: Mr. Defense Attorney, does the Defendant waive a formal reading of his violation report, and admit the violation, and the willfulness thereof?

Defense Attorney: Yes.

Prosecutor: Judge, the next matter is the case of Joe Smith. Mr. Smith was convicted of felony larceny and a judgment was entered against him by Judge Brown who imposed a 9 to 13 month sentence. Judge Brown ordered that the Defendant be placed on supervised probation and that probation be transferred to unsupervised once the defendant had paid his entire restitution. The defendant was placed on probation and has been on probation for nearly two years. Judge, the defendant’s only violation is the one in the report. The defendant was arrested on the violation and served nearly a month before posting bond. Judge, the defendant has paid his entire restitution, a receipt for which I have in the file. The state is recommending that this…

Judge: Done!

Clerk: What?

Someone: Terminate probation.

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