Lumpkin Georgia Immigration Detention

The New York Times is out with an article today about the record number of deportations of people charged or convicted of only minor infractions.

Here’s President Obama in a debate with Mitt Romney in 2012:

President Obama said: that the federal government needs to focus on “criminals, gang bangers, people who are hurting the community, not after students, not after folks who are here just because they’re trying to figure out how to feed their families.”

It turns out that the President’s immigration policy has been almost the exact opposite. While he came into office promsing immigration reform, none has been forthcoming from the administration. And while he told voters during the campaign for his second term that his administration would focus on deporting hardened criminals, the New York Times reports that “[r]ecords show that the enforcement net actually grew, picking up more and more immigrants with minor or no criminal records.”

The records show the largest increases were in deportations involving illegal immigrants whose most serious offense was listed as a traffic violation, including driving under the influence. Those cases more than quadrupled from 43,000 during the last five years of President George W. Bush’s administration to 193,000 during the five years Mr. Obama has been in office. In that same period, removals related to convictions for entering or re-entering the country illegally tripled under Mr. Obama to more than 188,000.

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