The alleged shooter in Sunday’s killing of three people at an Overland Park, Kansas Jewish Community Center has ties to North Carolina.

Glenn Miller (also known as Frazier Glenn Miller, Jr.) was convicted by a jury in the 1980s of operating a paramilitary organization in violation of a federal court consent decree and then later pled guilty to charges of violating federal weapons charges and charges of mailing threatening communications in the Eastern District of North Carolina after pleading guilty before then Chief Judge Earl Britt.

Miller, a member of The Order (a white nationalist terrorist organization whose members assassinated Denver talk show host Alan Berg), was sentenced to five years in prison, of which he served three, followed by probation.

In exchange for his favorable sentence, Miller testified in a major federal sedition trial. After being released from prison, Miller was a trucker, and relocated to Missouri, where he ran for senate in 2010.

From the 1980s:

Miller regularly parades his White Patriots Party through North Carolina cities in combat fatigues and berets bearing the white cross of the Klan and carrying large Confederate flags. Miller spews bitter and aggressive insults at blacks, Jews, Asians, and nonracist whites over loudspeakers. Over 300 marched in Raleigh last week to protest Martin Luther King Day.”

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