Some people teach the law, other people write about the law, and still others practice law. And then there’s Bert Nunley. Among practitioners of criminal defense law – criminal lawyers – Robert Nunley stands out. There’s very little that Bert Nunley – as his friends call him – hasn’t done in his legal career:

  • Chief Military Judge for the Marine Corps’ Piedmont Judicial Circuit
  • A senior prosecutor at Camp Pendleton in California
  • A senior defense lawyer at Camp LeJeune in North Carolina

  • An Assistant Attorney General for North Carolina
  • A platoon commander in the Marines

Today, Mr. Nunley is regarded as one of the most experienced and well-versed criminal defense lawyers in Raleigh, with an extensive practice in both state and federal courts. Mr. Nunley has represented conspirators in major drug cartels, defendants in high profile murder trials, people accused of rape, robbery, and serious drug felonies.

In 2008, Mr. Nunley was selected by the Associated Press to represent an Iraqi photojournalist accused of terrorist ties in Iraq. He is, as his clients know, a force to be reckoned with.

And that’s why, when confronted with serious cases, I will frequently associate my cases with Mr. Nunley to help clients achieve positive outcomes.

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