An expunction or expungement clears your record of a previous criminal charge, making it a good way to clean up your criminal record if you have not gotten into any further trouble and are now leading a productive life.  An expungement allows you to state on employment applications, license applications, and other documents that your criminal record is clean.  (Note: You may need to reveal expunged convictions if you are applying for certain law enforcement or security jobs.)

Particularly in this tough economy with a lot of people competing for the same job, an expungement can restore your ability to honestly say you have a clean record.  Because your criminal record may be accessed by employers, credit agencies, or licensure boards, being able to expunge a criminal conviction can come in handy.

But note that North Carolina only permits one expunction.  So if you have made a single mistake in the past, an expungement might be appropriate.  But if you have multiple convictions, you will not be eligible.

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