North Carolina Criminal Costs have increased as of October 1, 2010. These are the costs that a person pays upon being found guilty or pleading guilty or receiving a PJC from a court in North Carolina. These costs are paid to the court the day judgment is entered, although your lawyer may be able to get the time extended.

The base District Court fee that must be paid to the Clerk of Court is $126.00. In addition, a person will be charged $10 for a Chapter 20 violation (motor vehicle offense, including DWI, and a $2.00 DNA fee plus $10 service fee for each arrest or service of criminal process, including citations and subpoenas. So if someone is charged under a single file number with a motor vehicle criminal offense (such as a DWI), that person would be charged $148 in court costs for District Court alone. That person may be charged additional fines.

Superior Court costs are approximately $168 more in that scenario.

Note: North Carolina’s court costs have increased dramatically since 2010. As of 2013, court costs were between $180 and $190 for District Court alone.

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