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Our office receives numerous calls each day about cases in North Carolina. Fell free to call to speak to a lawyer, whether day or night, weekday or weekends.

Feel free to call me, day or night. I’m easy to talk to, and able to give you a general overview of the case, the charges, the potential risks, and some initial steps. If you decide not to hire me, that’s fine. I do ask that you don’t call me to find out the phone number for the courthouse. That information is available on Google or in your phone book.

If you’re calling me about your own case, whatever you tell me – even if you don’t hire me – is confidential. So you can be honest with me on the phone. I won’t judge you, except to let you know what the possible risks are.

It is always best to talk to a lawyer before you talk to police. I will always (let me repeat that: always, always) advise you to have a lawyer present if you decide to talk to police. Nothing good can come of talking to police without a lawyer present.

If you don’t believe me, hear this police officer explain why it is never good to talk to police.

If you’re calling me about a friend or family member’s case, I can talk to you in general about the law. But I won’t be able to say very much about the case without talking to that person. If the person is in jail or custody and you would like me to go visit the person, I would be happy to do that. However, please don’t call me and four other potential lawyers to go into the jail.

How Can I Contact You?

Phone: (919) 352-9411 day or night, weekday or weekend.

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Or you can just call (919) 352-9411, weekdays, evenings, weekends, and holidays. If you reach voicemail, a lawyer will be in touch shortly.

Text Message: 9193529411

What Advice Can’t I Give

I can’t promise you a result. No lawyer is ethically permitted to promise you a result. Each case is different. Just because your friend got some result doesn’t mean you’ll get the same result. In addition, each District Attorney is different. Wake County has a reputation for having a harsh District Attorney. And the Eastern District of North Carolina, where federal cases involving Wake County residents are handled, has a reputation for having a tough United States Attorney.

I also can’t advise you how to break the law. If you’re planning to do something illegal in the future and want an attorney’s advice, don’t call me. I won’t give it.  However, if you have committed a crime in the past, and want to know how to protect yourself, I can absolutely give you advice about that.

How Much Will This Cost?

I can usually give you a rough estimate of the cost after the first 20 minutes or so of talking to you about the case.  Sometimes I need to know a little bit more.  Other times the case is easy to “price.”

I charge flat fees, which means that my fee is payable at the start of the case.  However, since I know that some people may not have the entire fee available at the start of the case, I do offer payment plans.  Usually I will require some payment.

How Long Will I Have to Pay?

Your case may take three or four or more months to resolve.  If that’s the case, our agreement may require you to pay within the next four months.  Sometimes the case will take longer to resolve, and I’m willing to make the payment schedule longer to help ease the burden on you.

I accept many different kinds of payments: cash, check, PayPal, and credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover).