Yesterday I wrote about restoring your driver’s license in North Carolina. Restoring a license that was suspended by the DMV following several driving convictions (usually DUI convictions) is usually required in order to get a license in another state.

Even if you never intend to return to North Carolina, you will probably need to have your suspension lifted in North Carolina so that your current home state will issue you a license. And since many employers will ask to see a driver’s license before hiring you, even if the job doesn’t involve much or any driving, getting a suspension lifted in North Carolina is crucial.

I put together a little YouTube video – it’s about 10 minutes long – that gives you an overview of the license restoration process. The cost of traveling across country and then paying an attorney to help you restore your license may be too much, so I give some advice on how to lower the cost of an attorney.

You don’t need an attorney to appear before the DMV Hearing Officer, and having an attorney will not guarantee that your suspension will be lifted, but before “going it alone” you should be sure that you are able to assemble as much evidence as possible, and are competent to put on the evidence at the hearing. Otherwise, it may be a waste of money flying to North Carolina if you end up not preparing adequately for the hearing.

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