Paul Manafort, who served as President Trump’s campaign manager from the late fall to the summer, struck a deal yesterday with prosecutors that now lets him off house arrest. Under the terms of that deal, Manafort must post $11.65 million worth of assets in order to be let off house arrest.

Under the proposal the Government and defense also proposed removing the GPS ankle bracelet monitoring device Manafort has worn since he was released after his detention hearing in October.

Manafort will be restricted in travel.

Federal criminal lawyers will tell you that this deal is not common. But, of course, Manafort is not a common defendant. Commonly, a person is either held or released, possibly on electronic monitoring or on house arrest or into the custody of a third-party who is required to make sure the person comes to court.

The Bail Reform Act of 1984 disfavors monetary bonds in favor of other measures to ensure a person’s attendance at trial.

Is Manafort likely to run? The judge refused to remove his GPS device probably because the judge believed he might flee to Russia where he still has plenty of friends.

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