Man Pepper Sprays Economics Professor

George Mason Law SchoolGeorge Mason University professor Tyler Cowen was pepper sprayed yesterday by a man who barged into his class, jumped on a table and said he was making a “citizen’s arrest.” The man then pepper sprayed Cowen, one of the more prominent professors at GMU, before Cowen ran from the room. An off-duty police officer who was also a student apprehended the suspect (who GMU officials say is not a student at the school), and held the suspect until police arrived.

Cowen was teaching a class on vigilantes in his law and literature course when the incident occurred.

Washinton, DC channel ABC7 has a report:

Cowen is a professor of economics at Mason, and General Director of the Mercatus Center, a think tank in Arlington that I used to work for in the late 1990 and early 2000s after I had completed my Masters from the University of Virginia.

He is the author of the excellent In Praise of Commercial Culture.

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