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Make your Court Dates in Wake County, North Carolina

So you’ve been arrested or gotten a ticket. And you’ve got a court date. But you’ve lost the little piece of paper on which the court date was written. Or you didn’t hear the judge when he spoke really quickly and gave you your court date.

Or you’re really nervous and don’t know what to do, and anxious about going to court.

The first thing is: relax. Court may seem intimidating. Lots of people are intimidated about it. But going to court is not the end of the world. Except for minor traffic offenses, you may have to go two or three times to court. The first time you go to court, not much will happen.

And if you’ve not yet hired an attorney before your court date, you just need to explain to the judge that you plan to hire a Raleigh, Cary, or Apex criminal lawyer and he’ll give you a new court date.

But you DO NEED TO SHOW UP IN COURT. Or you need to have an attorney appear on your behalf!

If you don’t show up or have missed a court date at the Wake County Courthouse, you should call an attorney as soon as possible. Why? Because an attorney can make sure that you get a new court date, and can make sure that no Orders for Arrest have been issued for you.

You may have a good reason to miss your court date. Your kid could’ve gotten sick, the car could’ve broken down. Judges never like to hear, “Your Honor, I forgot.”

The important point, though, is to show the court that you really intend to appear for court, and you aren’t going to miss court dates again and again. An attorney may be able to make the case to the judge that he will make sure you will show up for court. That might help convince a judge to set a new court date, and strike any Orders for Arrest.

But here’s what you don’t want to happen: You don’t want to have an Order for Arrest issued so that the next Friday you get stopped for speeding, or a broken headlight or an expired registration, that the police officer checks his computer and sees that you have an Order out for your arrest, and locks you up in the Wake County Jail for a weekend.

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