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Bryant Mailer on CrudenThe Wake County District Attorney’s race is headed for a run-off on the Republican side with Jeff Cruden, assistant district attorney, and John Bryant, a long-time private attorney in Wake County, having come in first and second in May’s primary. Under North Carolina law, a candidate must win with at least 40 percent of the vote, which neither got. Hence the run-off.

Bryant secured the endorsement of third place finisher Jefferson Griffin earlier in June, and has announced endorsements from leading North Carolina Republicans, including Senator Richard Burr, George Holding, and Paul Coble.

Bryant Mailer on Cruden - 2Now the Bryant for DA campaign is out with a mailer calling into question his opponent’s Republican credentials.

The mailer asks “Is Jeff Cruden a Republican or Democrat?”

Quoting from the mailer:

According to official State Board of Election records, Jeff Cruden voted as a Democrat for ten years. That includes primaries for Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bev Perdue, Kay Hagan, Elaine Marshall, Mike Easley, Bob Etheridge, and John Edwards.”

It continues:

Jeff Cruden switched his party affiliation only months prior to his announced candidacy for District Attorney, which raised more than a few eyebrows with elected Republicans, activists, and party officials.


Jeff Cruden responds: “My opponent’s recent mailer goes on how I was a registered Democrat, he “forgot” he too was a Democrat and ran for office as one! Desperate.”

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