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Lucy Inman Endorsed for Court of Appeals

The News & Observer today endorsed Lucy Inman, a Superior Court Judge appointed by Governor Perdue in 2010, in her bid to become a North Carolina Court of Appeals judge. The N&O noted:

Lucy Inman gets The News & Observer endorsement because of her experience in a higher level court and because of an illustrious career as a private attorney that preceded her appointment to the bench. She has run a far-reaching campaign that has appealed to a cross-section of voters. (It should be noted that Inman is a member of the Daniels family that once owned The N&O, though that was not a factor in the endorsement.)

That’s a good endorsement. I’ve never appeared in front of her opponent, but I have appeared in front of Judge Inman on numerous occasions, including a jury trial.

First, Judge Inman is sharp. My understanding is that she comes from a civil background, but her understanding of criminal law, criminal procedure, and sentencing is as good as any other judge I’ve appeared before. She takes time to read briefs carefully, to consider arguments, and to reflect upon the law. She reads cases that are handed up to her to ensure that the lawyers are accurately representing the holdings.

She keeps lawyers on their toes.

Second, Judge Inman has the right temperament. She is pleasant in court, shows respect to all parties, but is no pushover. I’ve never seen her behave in anything other than an entirely appropriate manner. And she’s consistent.

I think that’s why so many lawyers like appearing in front of her. They know they will be treated well, that they will get a fair hearing, and that she will be consistent day to day.

Finally, she has been on the Superior Court bench for four years. Her opponent is a sitting District Court judge. Since the Superior Court is the only trial court of record in criminal cases, it is a logical move to go from Superior Court to an appellate court like the Court of Appeals. That experience helps her understand the factual basis of cases that are later distilled into a record for appellate review.

Judge Inman has been endorsed by seven former North Carolina Supreme Court justices, seven former Court of Appeals judges, and more than a dozen former Superior and District Court judges.



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