I recently had some conversations with a Legal Match representative about using their referral system. They’re looking for criminal lawyers in Raleigh, Cary, and Apex for their service.

Frankly, I was unimpressed.  First, Legal Match’s founder was indicted and pleaded guilty and eventually served a probationary sentence for accessing a competitor’s voicemails and, apparently, deleting some of them.

Ok, that’s bad, but the founder is no longer involved with Legal Match. So why my concerns?

But I really found the caginess of the salesperson I spoke to to be really disconcerting.  I attempted throughout the conversation to get some information about exactly how many referrals LegalMatch makes in the Research Triangle area, and how much a lawyer is supposed to “invest” in the service.  Incidentally, the payments to LegalMatch are structured as “investments” because lawyers are not permitted to pay for referrals.

I couldn’t get any clear answers.  Instead, there was a lot of talk about the “process” and about the “selection process,” which was all the sort of salesman talk about how “selective” LegalMatch is.

Frankly, if a company is unwilling to explain in clear language how it works, I don’t really want to be involved.  My reputation is important to me, and I’d be happy to not get referrals from a company that can’t be forthright about how it intends to get those referrals for me.

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