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July 27, 2021

Lawyer for Gun Charges in Raleigh

Although owning a gun is a fundamental right, you can still face serious consequences for breaking gun laws. If you’re facing gun charges in Raleigh, an experienced lawyer can help. 

The consequences for breaking gun laws can be serious, from incarceration to fines, or probation. In North Carolina, guns can only be wielded by certain individuals or in certain situations. If you’ve been detained on gun charges in North Carolina and are unsure of your rights, a lawyer for gun charges in Raleigh is here to help. 

Types of Gun Charges You Can Face in Raleigh 

In North Carolina, it’s only legal to conceal carry a firearm in certain situations, such as when you’re on your own property,  possess a concealed carry permit, or work in law enforcement. Carrying a concealed handgun without the proper permit could be charged as a class 2 misdemeanor if you’re found in violation. 

That being said, there are places in Raleigh where it’s unlawful to carry a gun in any situation, regardless of your ability to conceal carry. Some of these places include: 

  • Schools, including all public or private elementary, secondary, or post-secondary institutions 
  • Certain government locations, such as courthouses, police stations, or similar
  • Establishments that sell liquor or alcoholic beverages, with some exceptions
  • Public events, such as parades, demonstrations, or similar 

The rules barring you from carrying a gun or any kind of dangerous weapon in the above locations apply even if you have a conceal carry license, with exceptions made for police officers and others with similar functions. 

When you break the law related to concealed or lawful carry, the punishments can range from misdemeanors to felony charges. For example, although bringing a gun to most of the above place is generally a class 1 misdemeanor, doing so at a school could be enough to get you into felony territory. There are also serious charges you could face for improper use of a weapon, from pointing or aiming a gun at somebody, up to assault with a deadly weapon.

Who Can’t Lawfully Have a Gun in Raleigh?

Your ability to legally own or use a firearm in Raleigh could be impacted by your status as a member of any of the following groups: 

  • Convicted Felons – Purchasing or having a firearm is generally not permitted for felons, unless they’ve had a special pardon or their rights restored. 
  • Legal Minors – There are some exceptions for use with parental supervision, but generally speaking, children can’t own their own guns or use them without supervision. 
  • Domestic Offenders – When you’re bound by a domestic violence protective order, having a gun can result in a Class H felony. 

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