In a three page letter to the community, Frank Janssen, father of Wake County Assistant District Attorney Colleen Janssen, praises law enforcement and prosecutors for coordinating the effort that ultimately led to his rescue.

Janssen had been abducted from his Wake Forest home on April 5 in a plot orchestrated a prisoner at Polk Correctional who had been given a life sentence after being prosecuted by his daughter. Authorities now believe that the prosecutor, not her father, was the real target of the kidnapping plot. Federal indictments have been returned for more than a half-dozen people implicated in the kidnapping plot.

The WRAL report on his letter notes that “[a]t the end of the letter, Janssen urges residents to vote for the next Wake County district attorney, regardless of political party. Longtime District Attorney Colon Willoughby retired last month, opening the field to a number of candidates.”

Why the mystery about who Frank Janssen supports? Why does WRAL side-step the obvious?

WRAL should just report the news for those of us who don’t bother to read the letter: The letter specifically supports Boz Zellinger (in the Democratic Primary) and Jeff Cruden (in the Republican Primary).

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