Sex Offenses in North Carolina are punished harshly.  In addition, North Carolina has a sex offender registry, which requires that those convicted of “sexually violent offenses” register for at least 10 years as a sex offender, do not live within 1,000 feet of a school, and abide by other restrictive regulations.

I explain in some detail the various sex offenses and sex assaults under North Carolina law.  It is particularly important if you are being accused of such crimes that you seek out an attorney early in the process.

Sex offenses are not like other offenses.  They are sometimes “he said, she said” types of cases, where there is little physical evidence and usually no witnesses.  Because admissions by a defendant may be damaging to his or her case, a defendant is well advised to consult with a lawyer before being interviewed by police about such allegations.

Even if you’ve done nothing wrong – even if you did not touch the alleged victim – it’s very important that you get the advice of an attorney early in the process.

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