Multiple sources confirm that a well respected Republican, who is not a candidate, will be appointed as interim acting District Attorney.

That person is not currently a member of the office, but is expected to keep the “wheels on the bus” (as one source put it) until after the election.

Anxiety has been high within the office at Colon Willoughby’s announcement that he would not finish out his term. The appointment of this veteran of the courthouse means that these fears are unfounded. This appointment will restore confidence that the office will be run in a competent fashion for the next year.

Courthouse watchers had also speculated that a master succession plan was now in place. (“The fix is in.”)

That has now been confirmed to not be the case. No fix. The voters will decide.

Update I: WRAL and the News & Observer name the interim DA as Ned Mangum, which was known to courthouse insiders yesterday.

Update II:

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