Are you searching for a NC drug lawyer?  Or, better yet, a Raleigh Drug Lawyer?

Whether it’s because you have or your child has been charged with a misdemeanor possession charge, or a misdemeanor paraphernalia charge, or maybe because of a Possession With Intent to Sell or Deliver (PWISD) or Trafficking charge, you need a lawyer who can litigate all aspects of your case.

If you want more information on NC Drug Laws as they’re prosecuted by the Wake County District Attorney, visit this page.

If it’s a misdemeanor charge, and you have not yet had other drug charges, you may be eligible for a diversion program, treatment, or a prayer for judgment continued, which would enable you either to escape a conviction entirely or, in the case of a PJC, to not be punished for a conviction.

If it’s a NC felony drug charge, you need a Raleigh drug attorney who can make sure that the prosecutor can prove all elements of the case, including:

  • the search of your car or home was valid,
  • that the prosecutor can prove you were in possession of the drugs,
  • that the tip from a CI or other information was reliable, justifying the search
  • that the drugs have been properly tested by a drug recognition expert,
  • that the drugs have been properly weighed.

Since NC drug laws are very harsh, and since the Wake County District Attorney prosecutes drug laws vigorously, you need a Raleigh, Cary or Apex drug lawyer who can make sure that every legal defense has been raised to protect you against conviction.

In addition, you need a Raleigh drug lawyer who can make sure that any eligible NC drug diversion or drug treatment programs are available to you if this is available in your case.

Finally, you need a Raleigh drug lawyer who will ensure that your safety is protected throughout the process.

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