I’ve written previously about North Carolina gun laws that can affect the ownership, use, and possession of guns.

People convicted of felonies are prohibited from owning, possessing or carrying weapons or ammunition under North Carolina and federal criminal law.

In addition, federal laws make it illegal for someone convicted of certain Domestic Violence offenses from ever possession weapons. Federal gun possession laws include up to a 10 year maximum sentence.

Federal laws also include enhancements if guns are used, carried, or possessed as part of crimes. The most striking is the 924(c) enhancement that creates a 15 to life sentence for the use, possession, or carrying of a firearm during a drug sale or drug transaction.

For regular citizens who simply want to purchase handguns, North Carolina requires people to obtain handgun permits from their local sheriff’s office. In Wake County, people need to go to the Public Safety Center on Salisbury St. south of Martin as described on the Wake County Sheriff’s website and submit a request for up to five (5) permits at a time.

People who have concealed carry permits do not need handgun permits in order to purchase firearms. The concealed carry permit allows the person to purchase a handgun because indicates that the holder has been through the requisite background search.

North Carolina and federal law have restrictions on the types of weapons that can be sold. Suppressors, short-barreled shotguns, automatic weapons, and explosive weapons are prohibited, unless specially authorized by the ATF or because the person is a law enforcement officer with special authorization.

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