How can I find out if someone is in the Wake County Jail?

If someone is arrested for a crime in Wake County, they will be taken to the Wake County Detention Center at 3400 Hammond Road for processing. The facility, which was expanded and opened in 2012, holds the bulk of pre-trial detainees or inmates in Wake County. It also holds federal detainees who are being detained by the United States Marshals Service for the Eastern District of North Carolina. And it temporarily holds federal detainees who are being processed for potential deportation on immigration violations.

The other facility in Wake County is the Public Safety Center in downtown Raleigh. The PSC houses high profile inmates, and inmates with certain medical needs. Most inmates are out at the Detention Center. The PSC is also where you go to get gun permits or your concealed carry permit, and where most of the administrative offices of the Sheriff’s Office are located.

The Wake County Detention Center houses inmates, the City-County Bureau of Identification,

If someone has been detained, they are going to be listed in a new online tool.

It is important before you bail someone out of jail to talk to a Raleigh criminal defense lawyer. A lawyer may be able to help get the bond reduced, thereby saving you potentially thousands of dollars in serious criminal cases, and hundreds of dollars in less serious cases.

Your first call should not be to a bondsman. Your first call should be to a lawyer.

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