If you’ve recently been stopped for a DWI, you’ve probably received dozens – or hundreds – of letters from lawyers, advertising their services and their prices.

No lawyer can guarantee an outcome. Avoid letters where the lawyer promises a result. And just because you pay more for a lawyer doesn’t mean you’ll get a better result.

But you should be careful about hiring a lawyer for $700 to handle your DWI. That’s because DWI cases can be complicated cases. These are not regular traffic offenses. These are serious criminal offenses.

And a lawyer who charges $700 for a DWI has to take 3 or 4 DWI cases in order to earn as much money as higher priced lawyer.

DWI lawyers who make their money on volume may not be able to spend as much time on each DWI as a lawyer who can take fewer cases, but devote more personalized attention – and investigation and research – into each case.

Consider that when thinking about hiring the cheapest DWI lawyer…

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