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Finding the Right Wake County Criminal Defense Attorney

There are a ton of excellent criminal defense attorneys in Raleigh, Cary, and Apex, NC. The Wake County Public Defender is also staffed by excellent attorneys.  But you’re only qualified for a public defender if you are ruled indigent (another word for “poor”) by a judge.

If you’re ruled indigent, then you will be assigned either someone out of the Wake County Public Defender’s office, or you will be appointed a private attorney who will be paid by the state to represent you.  Only if you’re found guilty will the state seek reimbursement from you, but if you’ve been deemed unable to pay for your own attorney and have been charged with a crime, worrying about reimbursement is the last thing for you to do.

If you’re not deemed indigent, then it’s up to you to locate a Raleigh, Cary or Apex criminal lawyer. And, as I say, there are a ton of excellent Raleigh attorneys. Indeed, if you meet with an attorney, the criminal lawyer should be willing to suggest the names of one or two other Raleigh, Cary or Apex criminal attorneys you should contact if you ask for a reference.

The truth of the matter is that what you need in a criminal lawyer is someone who understands the law well enough, but is willing to commit the time and effort required to make sure that all the avenues of your case are explored. You also need an attorney who is willing to stand up to the Wake County District Attorney.  A district attorney is merely an attorney.  A district attorney is not God.

And while there are many fine Wake County prosecutors, the fact of the matter is that a Wake County district attorney is merely an attorney representing the state of North Carolina in a criminal matter. The defense attorney you choose needs to be able to work cooperatively with the district attorney when necessary, but also willing to stand his ground in defense of your rights.

While you it’s up to you whether you will ultimately go to trial, and it’s up to you whether you will accept a plea if one is offered, it’s up to your Apex, Cary or Raleigh criminal attorney to keep your options open, to defend your rights and interests zealously, and to do so professionally and to clearly communicate your options to you.

If you need to talk to an Apex, Raleigh or Cary criminal lawyer, call me at (919) 352-9411 or email me at I can give you some free advice over the phone, and schedule a time to meet with you at my downtown Raleigh office, or travel to your location in Wake County or surrounding communities to meet with you.  My fees are very reasonable, and are all flat fees. I will give you a fee quote so you can decide whether to hire me or I can recommend may other fine Raleigh, Apex, or Cary criminal lawyers who may be able to help you.

Do not wait, though. Your rights are at stake.



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