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Famous Persons who have been convicted of DWIs

George W. Bush – The former President of the United States was arrested for DUI. He plead guilty, paid a $150 fine, and had his driving privileges in the state of Maine temporarily revoked.

Paris Hilton – On September 8th of 2006 Paris Hilton was pulled over for erratic driving and subsequently charged with DUI. Paris received a sentence of three years probation, requirement to attend an alcohol abuse awareness program, pay fines, and her license was suspended.

Dick Cheney – In the 1960’s Cheney was arrested twice in an eight month period for driving under the influence, gaining fines and a brief suspension of his driver’s license.

Lindsay Lohan – In May of 2007 she jumped another curb and was charged with DUI along with suspected of having some cocaine in the car. On a second occasion, police tested Lohan for alcohol and found her blood level to be between 0.12 and 0.13.

Nick Nolte – The California Highway Patrol described him as “drooling” and “Out of it” upon his arrest, after he was pulled over for supposedly swerving. Nolte eventually pleaded no contest and was fined $500, ordered to undergo a 90 day treatment program, gained three years of probation.

Mel Gibson – Mel Gibson failed his sobriety tests and ended up with a sentence of three years probation, 90-day alcohol-abuse program, 12 months of Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and fined $1,300 with a 90-day license restriction.

Haley Joel Osment – After plowing through a mail box and flipping over, law officials were able to see he was driving with a .05 percent blood alcohol content, which is highly illegal under the age of 21.

Tracy Morgan – On December 2nd of 2005 comedian and actor Tracy Morgan, of SNL and 30 Rock fame, was pulled over for speeding and then arrested for a blood-alcohol level of .13 percent. The actor eventually plead no contest and received 3 years of probation.

Mike Tyson – In December of 2006, Mike Tyson left a club and almost drove his vehicle into a sheriff’s vehicle. Upon investigation Mike was arrested for DUI and possession of cocaine.

Gus Van Sant – The famed movie director of Good Will Hunting was arrested in Oregon in 2006 for driving with twice the legal limit of alcohol in his system.

Kim Delaney – In 2002 this television actress from NYPD Blue was arrested under suspicion of DUI. She eventually gained two years of probation, along with a $300 fine and order to attend a safety driving class.

Wynonna Judd – The weighty country singer was arrested in Nashville, Tennessee after a being pulled over for speeding. After some tests it was apparent that the crooner had celebrated too much that evening and eventually she ended up in court to get her driving privileges taken away for a year and ordered to 200 hours of community service.

Billie Joe Armstrong – In January of 2003 the lead singer of the pop-punk band Green Day was pulled over for speeding and then arrested for DWI.

Steve McQueen – This star of such films as The Great Escape and The Magnificent Seven was arrested for drunk driving in in 1972.

Bobby Brown – The singer was arrested for DUI.

David Hasselhoff – Arrested DUI in June of 2004. David got off with a six month alcohol treatment program, three years of probation, and 200 hours of community service.

George Michael – The openly gay pop singer was once found slumped over the wheel of his vehicle at a stoplight. His DUI charges were based on his admission of driving under the influence of prescription medication. He was sentenced to 100 hours of community service, fined $4,622, and was ordered not to drive for two years.

Ray Liotta – In February of 2007 Ray Liotta was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence after crashing his car into two parked vehicles in Pacific Palisades.



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