Treatment, Assessment & Therapy

Substance Abuse Assessment

Obtaining a substance abuse assessment should be the first step in preparing for a possible DWI conviction. Assessments are required as a matter of law in order to obtain a limited driving privilege (LDP) or provisional license.

In addition, if a conviction seems possible or imminent, completion of the assessment, enrollment in a substance abuse treatment program, and completion of all treatment prior to resolution of the case can lead to a more favorable outcome.

The assessing agency will charge $100 for the initial 40-minute interview, followed by a recommendation that must be completed in the event of a conviction.

Group Therapy and Treatment

North Carolina Motor Vehicle statutes (Chapter 20) require those convicted of implied consent offenses to complete state mandated treatment programs and show proof of those treatment programs to the Division of Motor Vehicles before restoration of driving privileges.

In certain cases involving the refusal to provide a chemical sample, a driver will be required to complete all recommended treatment before a limited driving privilege will be authorized by a judge.

Treatment programs range from the Alcohol Drug Education Traffic School (ADETS), a 16 hour program, to intensive 20-, 40-, and even 90- hour programs.

Individuals suffering from severe dependency or addiction issues may be advised to attend intensive in-patient treatment programs.  North Carolina’s DWI sentencing statute permits judges to credit time spent in in-patient programs against the

Assessment Agencies

North Carolina law (Chapter 122C) governs the operation of private agencies that provide treatment in DWI-related offenses.

A DWI assessment consists of an interview and structured assessment questionnaire to determine if you have a problem with alcohol or drugs. An assessment appointment typically takes an hour to an hour and a half. Some assessment providers bill to insurance.

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