Not only can driving while impaired (DWI) in Raleigh result in a criminal charge, but it can result in an accident, injury, and loss of life. For a driver convicted in North Carolina of a DWI involving an injury, that person can face what lawyers refer to as a Level 2 DWI judgment, resulting in at least 7 days in jail, a four year suspension of the license, and significant court costs and insurance rate increases.

If the DWI results in a serious injury or in death, the result might be a felony charge.

On the flip side are the victims – other drivers or passengers in the DWI vehicle or in other vehicles who are injured or whose loved ones have died – as a result of the impaired driving. Those people need effective representation in the civil matter – the law suit they may ultimately bring against the person who was DWI.

We represent both the DWI defendant in the criminal matter, but, if there’s no conflict, also the DWI victim – the person who has been injured or family members who suffered a death. Given our extensive DWI experience, we can help people recover against the insurance companies of people who drove drunk through litigation and trial.

On the flip side, because we know the tactics of both the criminal lawyers who defend people charged with DUI offenses, we know how to both attack and defend a civil case involving Driving While Impaired issues. We know how to evaluate the various Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (SFST) tests that may indicate impairment, how to evaluate the Portable or Preliminary Breath Test (PBT) device that police use on the roadside, and how to interpret the results of the blood or breath – Intox EC/IR II – tests used in the criminal or civil courts of North Carolina.

A car accident involving a person who was driving while intoxicated that results in injury (serious bodily injury or serious injury) can often result in much higher financial rewards for the victim because, at trial, the defendant may be required to pay punitive damages.

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