Since resolving a Driving While License Revoked (DWLR) requires working within the confines of both the North Carolina Criminal Court System as well as the DMV, obtaining a favorable outcome makes a DWLR one of the most complicated traffic citations out there. Additionally, a DWLR is a Class 1 Misdemeanor, meaning it is the highest level of misdemeanor there is in North Carolina.

Under North Carolina law, a driver can be charged with DWLR under multiple situations where your license has been suspended or revoked: including, but not limited to, suspension due to Driver’s License Points (see Points System blog), after a charge and/or conviction of Driving While Intoxicated, due to a Failure to Appear for a prior missed court date (see Missed Court Dates blog), failure to pay court costs/fines, child support delinquency, or fraudulent use of a license. In fact, you may even be charged with DWLR when you are still in possession of your license and were unaware your license was suspended or revoked.

There are two main problems with a DWLR charge, beyond court costs and insurance premium increases, that only a knowledgeable attorney can assist you with:

A conviction of DWLR will result in an additional period of suspension of your license (one year for first offense, two years for second offense, and permanent for third or more offense of DWLR). Obviously this compounds the problem as it only extends the period for which you can’t drive.

Any conviction of a moving violation during the period of suspension will result in an additional period of suspension. Since most DWLR charges are accompanied by other moving violations (the police officer likely pulled you over for something other than DWLR before he learned your license was revoked) you must resolve both the DWLR and moving violation in such a way that will not result in an additional period of suspension.

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