Downloading Pornography – No Prosecution

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Client retained our firm after a tracking device was discovered on his car when he took the car in for a regular check-up at Jiffy Lube. Once the tracking device was removed, police – seeing that the tracking device was no longer functional – visited the client one day before work, interrogating him and his wife about his conduct. Client gave a partial statement and then, wisely, requested a lawyer.

Shaken, he came into our offices. Police suspected that the client had planned a rendezvous with a minor in another state to pursue sexual activity and were monitoring his car to see if he left North Carolina. We addressed his many concerns, and then started him on a rigorous program of mental health treatment and monitoring.

We followed-up repeatedly with the federal agent, prepared evaluation reports for his review, prepared an “innocence package,” and prevented our client from giving additional incriminating statements. In the end, police declined to press federal charges against our client.

Damon Chetson

Damon Chetson is a Board Certified Specialist in State and Federal Criminal Law. He represents people charged with serious and minor offenses in Raleigh, Wake County, and the Eastern District of North Carolina. Call (919) 352-9411.