A Domestic Violence crime is specially handled in Wake County, North Carolina. A domestic violence crime may involve a charge of simple assault, assault on a female (AOF), communicating threats, or interfering with emergency communications. It may also include damage to personal property, and even more serious charges. If you are charged with a domestic violence crime in Raleigh, you certainly need to talk to a competent and understanding domestic violence lawyer Raleigh.

That’s because these cases are generally handled in a special courtroom, where special practices are used. In addition, because Domestic Violence cases involve special pre-trial release rules, you may be held in custody for an entire weekend or more before you are released.

In addition, it’s important that at the time you appear at your First Appearance hearing you have an attorney present. That’s because you want to make sure you are released on as few conditions as possible. And, if there are children involved, you want to make sure that any “no contact” orders allow you to remain involved with your children.

In addition, there may be other aspects to your case – including a divorce, pending divorce, property disputes, or a civil 50B protective order – that you need to have handled. By hiring a lawyer who can look out for all your interest, you can ensure that your case is properly handled with as few problems as possible.

Finally, if you are a man and accused of striking a woman, you will be charged with an Assault on a Female. An assault on a female conviction means that you may never possess a gun or ammunition again in your life. If you hunt, this will have life-changing implications for you.

Make sure that you consult with a Raleigh lawyer about these very serious charges.

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