Domestic violence cases require special handling in North Carolina. In Wake County, for instance, Domestic Violence cases (which include all cases of violence involving people who have or are in intimate relationships) are handled in a special courtroom called 4A.

This courtroom is paid for by special funding from the federal government.

Given understandable concern, in particular, about the safety of women (wives, girlfriends, ex-girlfriends) and about children of couples, the courtroom treats suspected violence by men against women very seriously. While deferral programs are sometimes offered to defendants, they require an attorney who understands how to best position a client so that a deferral might be offered.

A deferral program might include a requirement that the defendant complete substance abuse education, or complete anger management programs. If the children are thought to be in danger, a deferral program might require that the man complete a program called SafeChild or its equivalent.

If a deferral program is offered, the person can usually expect a dismissal of the charges after a year’s time, provided the person stays out of trouble and completes the required elements of the deferral program.

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