A client, referred to us, entered a home in Wake County in late 2016 after being distraught following the break-up with his girlfriend. He brought a shotgun. It was obviously an unconscionable act, involving violence and anger, and invoking fear and terror in his victims. Five were held hostage mid-day as the client demanded from the girlfriend why she had broke up with him. The client fired off two shots, one through a window of the home, and one into the air after the police had arrived to keep the police at bay.

There was no real criminal defense. The client had committed a felony breaking and interesting with intent to terrorize, he had kidnapped five individuals in the home by holding them briefly, and he had discharged a firearm twice into an occupied dwelling.

The district attorney requested a four year sentence, a sentence that would’ve neared what one would have gotten after a manslaughter conviction.

Following a three hour sentencing hearing, and which four defense witnesses testified, reports from a forensic psychologist was presented, and a report from a sentencing mitigating specialist was presented, the judge entered an entirely fair judgment including 24 months of incarceration, half of what the government had originally offered.

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