David Brooks, PotheadFormer pot head David Brooks wants you to know that he once performed badly giving an English presentation in high school because he was stoned.

He really regrets that. He sometimes wakes up at night, forty years later, thinking about the incident. It wasn’t one of his finest moments.

Also not his finest moment: saying the U.S. should invade Iraq because of what we now know were non-existent weapons of mass destruction. The fact that he was disastrously wrong about that important fact does not, apparently, keep him up and night. Just the pot smoking.

It’s not that David Brooks has any problem with “somebody who gets high from time to time,” it’s just that he doesn’t think “being stoned is… a particularly uplifting form of pleasure.”

And because David Brooks stopped getting stoned. And because David Brooks doesn’t think pot is particularly worthwhile. Then David Brooks believes government should insist it remain illegal, even though the majority of Americans believe that marijuana should be legalized in some form.

What’s positively laughable is this statement: “I’d say that in healthy societies government wants to subtly tip the scale to favor temperate, prudent, self-governing citizenship.” It’s so stupid, that you’d wonder whether David Brooks took a few hits on the bong before writing it.

Where to begin?

First, a society that imprisons a larger proportion of its people than almost every other society, save places like China, is not a “healthy society.”

Second, a society in which government tells people what they can put into their bodies is not a self-governing society. It’s a society governed by… wait for it… a government.

Third, it’s completely absurd to think of a government that outlaws a cultivated plant, who permits its armed officers to barge into homes, cars, and businesses without the permission of the owner at the slightest whiff of the stuff, and that brands so-called “defendants” as convicted criminals for possessing, sharing, smoking, or selling the stuff as in any way subtle.

This is all particularly grating because David Brooks is taking advantage of the country’s permissive divorce laws to break up his marriage which is sad, indeed, but also an act that an awful lot of people should be dissuaded by government. Subtly, of course.

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