What Should You Do If You're Being
Investigated by Law Enforcement?

Raleigh Criminal Lawyer Damon Chetson Talks About Steps You Should Take During an Investigation

Raleigh criminal lawyerIf you are being investigated by law enforcement in North Carolina, there is actually good news - it means that you haven't been charged with a crime yet and a criminal charge may be prevented. Upon learning that you are being investigated, you should hire a Raleigh pre-arrest attorney as quickly as possible.

A Raleigh criminal defense attorney will manage the flow of information between you and law enforcement to try to ensure that beneficial information will make it's way into the appropriate hands and that incriminating information is not shared.

Some people who are truly innocent of the allegations that are being investigated want to tell their side of the story. This can potentially be damaging, even in the case of true innocence. If just a single part of your story doesn't match information the police have, you risk being charged and having that discrepancy used against you in court.

Law enforcement officers will sometimes want to do a lie detector test to gather information in an investigation. Attorney's will usually advise against this, as results of a lie detector, while inadmissible in court, can be used in making the decision as to whether or not to charge you with a crime. In rare cases, an attorney might advise you to take the lie detector but that decision should not be made without the counsel of your lawyer.