Embezzlement & White Collar Crimes

US Supreme Court at Night

The Chetson Firm has represented clients accused of the following:

  • A woman accused of embezzling more than $2.5 million, the largest case in Wake County history at the time, from a pediatric group based in Raleigh.
  • A man accused by federal prosecutors of embezzling millions in medicaid payments from the state of North Carolina.
  • A woman accused of assisting in mortgage fraud committed by Raleigh developers in the wake of the 2008 housing crisis.
  • A woman accused by federal prosecutors of conspiring to defaud the IRS of millions in a tax return preparer scheme..
  • Five employees of a seafood processing company accused of Lacey Act violations in the mislabeling of crab meat for distribution to national retailers.
  • A woman accused of money laundering by bringing proceeds in an alleged kickback scheme through Cypriot banks to the United States.
  • A man accused of assisting foreign nationals to commit marriage and immigration fraud to gain U.S. citizenship.
  • A Durham VA Hospital medical provider accused of embezzling large amounts of narcotics from the facility.
  • A man accused of an interstate trafficking and money-laundering scheme involving more than $10 million of loss to taxing authorities.

Mr. Chetson stands ready to assist people like you accused of large scale individual, tax, or corporate fraud.