Embezzlement Charges in North Carolina

N.C.G.S. Article 18 Chapters § 14.90 through § 14.99 Embezzlement by Virtue of Office or Employment, Embezzlement of State Property, Embezzlement of Funds by Public Officers and Trustees, Embezzlement by Treasurers, Embezzlement by Surviving Partner, Embezzlement of Taxes

Raleigh embezzlement lawyerEmbezzlement charges in North Carolina are not uncommon for a number of reasons, primary among them:

  1. Economic times are tough
  2. There are a lot of professional organizations like doctor's offices, charities, and the like that have office managers with access to the finances of the business

These crimes are becoming more frequently prosecuted at the state and federal level in North Carolina. Employees sometimes take money from their employers to make ends meet, or companies are noticing a loss and are looking for someone to blame, even if they are blaming a purely innocent person.

North Carolina's criminal code describes embezzlement as a form of theft.  Embezzlement may be:

  • property received by virtue of office or employment
  • state property by public officers and employees
  • funds by public officers and trustees
  • by an officer of a railroad company
  • or by a surviving partner of a business partnership
  • or may be defined under Federal Embezzlement Laws

Embezzlement is always a felony, but can range between a Class C, which is extremely serious, down to a Class H, which is among the lower felony levels.

A Wake County district attorney or federal United States Attorney must prove that the defendant – you – had the intent at the time of the incident to embezzle or that you knowingly and willfully converted money (or any other kind of property) to your own use.

If you are being investigated for embezzlement, it is best to seek pre-arrest representation, as sometimes these cases can be resolved without a criminal charge. If you've already been charged, you need an analytical and aggressive Raleigh criminal defense attorney to fight the accusations being made against you.

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