North Carolina Cyber and Computer Crimes

N.C.G.S. § 14-453 Computer Related Crimes

Raleigh Computer Crimes LawyerIn today's world, many crimes may involve a computer or technological aspect. For instance, even a drunk driving case may involve the Internet or Web if the person later posts on Facebook about his or her drunk driving.

But when lawyers, judges or police talk about computer crimes, they usually mean crimes that involve the transmission or sale or exchange of information on the Internet or through technological means. Call (919) 352-9411 day or night if you have questions about these sorts of crimes.

For instance, the crime may be cyberstalking, harassment over the Internet, wire fraud, phishing (which is the extraction of credit card information from unsuspecting computer users), hacking, child pornography, criminal copyright violations (mp3s or other audio, or mpeg, avi or other video, or even ebooks), the use of Craigslist or Backpage to sell stolen goods or engage in fraud, the illegal use of wireless or WiFi networks, chat room solicitation of minors, and so forth.

Many of these crimes may be prosecuted not by the State of North Carolina, but by the United States Attorney (on behalf of the Federal Government). Whether the crimes are prosecuted at the state or federal level, you need a lawyer who understands the technical details of how computer technology works, how data is stored, how Internet protocols work, and the limits of what the prosecution can prove. Call (919) 352-9411 day or night if you have questions about these sorts of crimes.

For instance, if the prosecution seeks to prove that you used your computer to solicit a minor, they must prove that it was you at your computer who did this. Merely providing the chat name that was used is not enough, since chat names can easily be hacked. In addition, if the prosecution provides the IP (internet protocol) address from which the chatter originated, this still may not be enough, since many IP addresses are shared or are dynamic, meaning that multiple different customers of an ISP (Internet Service Provider such as Time Warner, Embarq, or AT&T) may use the same IP number.

These are details that make it crucial for you to hire a criminal lawyer who understands the underlying technology that supports the Internet and that is used to build computer networks, and computer technology.

Since these crimes can carry very heavy penalties, whether at the state or federal level, you should consult with a lawyer at the earliest possible convenience about your case. A lawyer who is familiar with this technology will be able to provide you with detailed advice about how to protect yourself from criminal liability.

In fact, I use many of these technologies - virtual legal office technology, cloud computing, Google voice, Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) - to protect my data, and to make my law practice more efficient.

Call (919) 352-9411 day or night if you have questions about these sorts of crimes.