Misdemeanor and Felony Larceny in the North Carolina Criminal System

Article 16 N.C.G.S. § 14-70 through § 14-786 Theft, Larceny, Possessing or Receiving Stolen Goods, Concealment of Merchandise, Larceny by Employee, Larceny by Tampering With Anti-Theft Device, Larceny by Altering Price Tag

Raleigh larceny lawyerNorth Carolina has 23 different larceny or theft statutes on the books, making it one of the most common charges asides from DWI and misdemeanor drug charges. Larceny can be charged as a misdemeanor if it's a basic theft of under $1,000 in value or as a felony if the value is over $1,000 or a price tag or security device was tampered with.

In certain cases, a person charged with shoplifting may be eligible for either a first offender's or diversion program that permits a person to reimburse the victim and perform community service. Many people underestimate the seriousness of a larceny charge, as it can have a tremendous impact on a criminal background check and an individual's ability to get a job. Therefore, it is always advisable to hire a Raleigh larceny attorney to be able to negotiate the most lenient outcome, trying to avoid a conviction on your criminal record.

Hiring a lawyer can also be important if the defendant is in the United States on a green card or temporary work visa, or other immigration status. That’s because larceny is a crime of moral turpitude, and may be subject to immediate removal or deportation from the United States. Consequently, if a defendant agrees to a first offender program and writes out a statement of guilt, that statement of guilt may be used against them in deportation proceedings, even if the underlying charge is dismissed.

Hiring a lawyer can be well worth the expense, whether you are an American citizen or a foreigner here in the United States on a visa or permanent resident status.

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