Board Certified Criminal Defense Lawyer


The Chetson Firm team is singularly focused on one objective: helping you achieve the best possible outcome in your case.  As one of roughly two dozen Board Certified Criminal Defense Lawyers in Wake County, Damon Chetson provides unparalleled defense from investigation to sentencing, from beginning to end.

Located in downtown Raleigh, two blocks from the Wake County Criminal Justice Center and three blocks from the Terry Sanford Federal Courthouse, Mr. Chetson represents individuals accused of misdemeanors and serious felonies in Wake County criminal courts as well as people charged with crimes in North Carolina federal courts.

A criminal conviction can have a serious impact on your life. Even a minor conviction can disrupt lives, end careers, and result in a permanent mark on a record that can be financially ruinous.  Serious charges can have even more dramatic effects resulting in lengthy prison sentences and worse.

Federal and State Criminal Defense

Mr. Chetson has defended people charged with the most serious offenses: homicides, kidnapping, rape, embezzlement, and child pornography, public corruption, Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization (RICO) Act, and Pollution from Ships (APPS/MARPOL) violations.  He also handles less serious crimes, including misdemeanors and driving while impaired offenses that damage your reputation, your standing in the community, and your educational or employment prospects.

He has tried hundreds of bench trials in state and federal court, and numerous jury trials to verdict. He has represented some of highest profile cases in Raleigh, including kidnapping, child abuse, sex offense, and embezzlement cases.

Skilled Negotiator

Where trial may not be the best option, Mr. Chetson is often able to negotiate outcomes that avoid the worst consequences, reduce punishment, avoid additional prosecutions, and avoid enhancements that can create unwanted collateral consequences.  Mr. Chetson is a well-respected member of the Wake County bar, and known as a fierce advocate for his clients.

Having never spent a day as a prosecutor, he has always worked to keep people out of jail and at liberty. While he works to maintain cordial and professional relationships with all parties, Mr. Chetson understands that his first obligation is as a skilled advocate on his clients' behalf.

Fierce Trial Attorney

Trial is a defense attorney's most feared weapon.  Prosecutors seek to resolve cases with as little work and as quickly as possible.  As Mr. Chetson often says, "prosecutors are drinking from the end of a firehose" with dozens or hundreds of cases pouring in each day.  Given their limited resources, prosecutors try to dispose of cases as quickly as possible.

While the fact is that most cases in the United States (and North Carolina) are resolved by plea, the threat of trial can help convince a prosecutor to offer a better result than might ordinarily be available.

Where the prosecutor refuses to offer that result, a client is often better advised to take the case to trial. The attorneys at The Chetson Firm are not afraid to take any case to trial, even cases that are difficult to win.

Where a plea offer is unacceptable to a client, Mr. Chetson fully defends the case to achieve the best result at trial, or to set the case up for a good outcome on appeal.



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