North Carolina's Obtaining Property By False Pretenses Charge

N.C.G.S § 14-100 Obtaining Property by False Pretenses

Raleigh obtaining property by false pretenses lawyerThere are several different forms of theft in North Carolina, such as larceny, robbery, and embezzlement. In this state, there's a special classification for theft that involves trickery or fraud called Obtaining Property by False Pretense (OPFP). A perfect example of this crime is if someone takes property that isn't theirs and takes it to a pawn shop to buy something else or to get money. They have likely presented to the pawnshop that they are the legal owner of the item and are therefore authorized to sell it, when in fact, they don't own the item at all.
The statute states that if a person knowingly and designedly by any means of false pretense, does obtain or attempt to obtain from an person any money, goods, property, services, or anything of value with the intent to cheat or defraud any person of that money, goods, property, or any other thing of value, that person shall be guilty of a felony. The felony is a Class H if the value is less than $100,000 and a Class C if it is over $100,000.
If you are being investigated for or have been charged with Obtaining Property by False Pretenses, these are serious felonies that will have an impact on your criminal record. A Raleigh criminal lawyer will be able to help you navigate the court system and will try to minimize the consequences of this charge.