Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence | Assault on a Female | Simple Assault | Order of Protection in the North Carolina Criminal System

Domestic Violence Lawyer in Raleigh

N.C.G.S. § 50B Domestic Violence and § 14-33 Misdemeanor Assaults and Assault on a Female or Child

Domestic violence cases receive special attention in North Carolina courts and are handled differently from other assault related cases because the crime was committed in the context of a prior or existing domestic relationship.

A domestic violence case involving misdemeanors – an assault on a female, simple assault, communicating threats, injury to personal property, stalking, and so forth – is usually handled in courtroom 303 of the Wake County Justice Center. A domestic violence case involving felonies is treated much the same as any other felony case procedurally, but may include additional elements, including no contact orders.

A domestic violence related charge is extremely serious, as they are usually not expungeable from a North Carolina criminal background check. A conviction can prevent you from owning a gun and can cause issues in divorce and custody proceedings.

Often, once someone is charged with a domestic violence charge, a no contact order is put in place, preventing contact between the parties. A Raleigh domestic violence lawyer can usually get this order lifted if all parties agree.

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