Recent changes to North Carolina’s DWI laws expand the use of Continuous Alcohol Monitoring (CAM). For instance, if a person is sentenced to an Aggravated Level 1 DWI, the person would be required to have at least a four month period of Continuous Alcohol Monitoring (120 days) but it can be imposed for the entire length of the probation.

In addition, a magistrate or judge may impose CAM as a condition of pre-trial release in certain DWI cases where the person was previously arrested and/or convicted of a prior DWI. CAM is an ankle bracelet that measures perspiration for the presence of alcohol.

Continuous Alcohol Monitoring is quite expensive, costing $75 to install and a $12/day fee, which, for a year of use, will cost approximately $4,000. For a 120 days of Continuous Alcohol Monitoring, that can cost $1,500.

In certain cases, a defendant may be able to show the court that he or she can’t afford the cost of CAM, then the defendant may be able to argue that the failure to have CAM may not be a grounds for revocation if the failure was the result solely of an inability to pay.

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