WRAL is reporting a child pornography sting operation throughout the southeast. Eight people in North Carolina face charges of sexual exploitation of a minor. Given the multi-state enforcement of child pornography laws, it’s likely that the federal government is involved and this is part of a larger sting operation

I’ve written about past child pornography prosecutions, including the most recent large scale sting in May.

A couple of things to keep in mind:

  1. Do not say anything to the police, whether they are investigating you for child pornography or any other crime. Any statement you make will be used against you. Even false denials.

  2. Be sure to hire a good criminal defense attorney, preferably someone with familiarity with the technology.

  3. Be aware that a state prosecution may later be dismissed in favor of a federal prosecution; in general, federal prosecutions are much more severe.

  4. Bonding someone out of custody may be the right approach, but be sure that when you bond them out, a federal prosecution does not immediately follow so they are simply re-arrested.

  5. Talk to a criminal defense lawyer before making important decisions about thecase.

  6. Save all documentation you receive, including receipts for seized hardware, harddrives, phones, and storage devices.

  7. Do not panic. This is a long process. Mistakes made early can have last effect on the case, and outcome.

  8. Do not speak with the police. Again. Do not speak with police. Have a lawyer present if you decide to participate in an interview.

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