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Child Molestation in North Carolina Law

Being confronted with allegations that you have committed a sexual act on a young child is one of the scariest moments in anyone’s life. When small children claim they have been molested, the whole apparatus of Wake County’s government moves into gear. Perhaps the allegation is made to a teacher. Or maybe a relative says that the child has said something about being touched, or being fondled.

Sex crimes against children carry with them special consequences which can test the ability of any criminal defense lawyer. First, there are the Child Protective Services caseworkers and social workers who are mobilized to investigate the matter. They may talk to the victim in a special room at the Wake County Department of Health & Human Services.

Second, investigators from the local police agency will be involved. Perhaps a detective from the Cary Police Department or Raleigh Police Department will pay a visit to the family, and to the alleged perpetrator. Investigators bring their own biases. Some believe that children never lie, and if they are discussing intimate sexual acts, they must be telling the truth when they claim that someone has touched, fondled, or made them perform sex acts.

Third, perhaps these allegations are raised as part of nasty divorce proceedings, where allegations are used to both damage one of the parties or to make sure the someone is denied custody.

Fourth, these allegations, if they result in a conviction, will nearly always result in a requirement that the person register as a sex offender for at least 10 years, which means that that person’s movements may be tracked by satellite based monitoring, and that person’s choice of residences and workplaces will be carefully scrutinized to ensure they are not near places where children congregate.

Because allegations of rape of a child, or molestation of a child, can have such profound effects, and because we live in a society where children who say such things are presumed not to like, ensuring that you aggressively defend against such charges requires hiring a lawyer who understands how to build the strongest possible defense to these charges.

Before talking to anyone about these issues, call an aggressive criminal lawyer who will protect your rights, build a defense, and begin preparations in case the allegations result in criminal charges.



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